Google Drive para Linux

Insync – A Google Drive Client for Linux

Do you want to use Google Drive on Ubuntu but were frustrated to know that the Linux Client hasn't left yet? Well, at least now you have an alternative.

Google Drive for Linux

Google Drive Client on Linux

I've been looking at some options and came to the conclusion that the Insync The best alternative for anyone who wants to use Google Drive as a synchronization tool on the Linux desktop The program actually serves other platforms as well, but on Linux, where Google Drive does not yet have an official application, it becomes even more useful.

Although it is very good, unfortunately it is not free, but also not so expensive, buying it once, worth $ 20, you can use it for an indefinite time, just for a clear account; There are plans for more accounts that involve annual payment.

In the meantime, we are expecting Google to make an official Google Drive for Linux client available, we already had some clues to that, See this article.

See you next time!

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