Insync 3  agora trás suporte do OneDrive para o Linux

Insync 3 Now Brings OneDrive Support to Linux

For those who signed up in February (2019) to participate in the Beta, they received an email on the 22nd (Wednesday), so they can start testing before. But now the beta is open to the general public.

Insync 3 has been completely revamped and is now using Pynthon 3 as its core engine for synchronization, which has been dubbed Core 3. In this beta phase, the OneDrive part had these news for now:

-OneDrive and OneDrive for Business (Business);


-Faster synchronizations;

-Fixed Sync User Interface;

– Separate sync folders for My Drive and Shared with me

-64 bits for Linux and Mac

And some features are still missing or in the correction process, which are:

-Reuse Insync 1.5 sync folders (for existing users);

-Sync any folder;

Progress bar;

Move Home Folders (default sync location);

-File manager integration: context menu;

– Pause and resume synchronization;

– Ignore Rules (formerly Ignore List);

-Conversion of documents;

-Share and view dialog boxes;

– Symbolic links;

-Cloud shortcuts (open, rename, delete);

-Network Settings: Proxy support;

-Feed and Aes

They even warn users of Insync version 1.5 users not to reuse the folders in this version as it will be added later.

To download Insync version 3 beta, you can go to this link and choose between Ubuntu (16.04 and 18.04), Linux Mint (18.x and 19.x), Debian (8 and 9) and Fedora (27 and 28), besides plugin for Nautilus. Other file managers will be supported soon. In my tests on Ubuntu 19.04 it also worked and maybe also works on Fedora 30, but something not guaranteed by devs. Remember that Insync in the Beta phase will not be charged, but after the end of it, will be charged the normal price. To check out all the news, just access this post on their website. To download version 1.5, just access this link.

This is very good and important, having such a good and powerful tool supporting two popular services like Google Drive and now OneDrive, because those who are in the process of migrating to Linux may miss these services. Now no more.

Comment on what you think about this news, if you use or have used Insync.

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