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Insurer sues Apple alleging defective iPhone 4s set fire to U.S. home

Certain very unpleasant incidents over the past year have put Samsung as the official face of the phones that catch fire in the world. However, even though the ill-fated Galaxy Note7 actually had a design problem that made it particularly prone to this type of explosive defect, it never hurts to remember that any type of device with a battery presents a risk, especially if it is not used in the right way. correct.

This story is a good reminder of that.

IPhone 4s family

It all started in New Richmond, Wisconsin, on April 1, 2016: on that fateful day, Xai Thao’s house was consumed by the flames. Fortunately, no one was hurt, but the estimated loss was about $ 75,000 (~ $ 235,000). And, according to Thao himself and his insurer, the culprit for the fire has a first and last name: iPhone 4s.

According to the victim and his insurance company, the State Farm (which, incidentally, is one of the largest and most powerful insurance companies in the United States), Apple would have sold him a device with a defective battery, which would have caused a short circuit that started the fire and soon consumed Thao’s entire house. The discovery was made from an investigative analysis of the “remains” of the iPhone, which indicated a “thermal event” in the battery area and evidence of a short circuit.

The insurer further claims that its customer had never even opened the three-year-old iPhone, meaning he still had the original battery shipped by Apple. Now Thao and State Farm are filing a lawsuit against Apple and asking for the $ 75,000 in damages that the victim is estimated to have lost in the fire.

It is not yet known what the outcome of this story will be; Apple hasn’t even issued a statement about the imbroglio, so certainly a lot of water will still flow under that bridge before the case is closed. Still, even if the iPhone is ultimately cleared (which is not a hypothesis to be ruled out, considering the effort these insurers make to not take money out of their own pocket), here’s the reminder: be careful with your device, always use original chargers and always carry them on solid, flat surfaces. The consequences of a defect can be devastating.

via Apple World Today