Insurance? Hacker can circumvent WhatsApp and Telegram within minutes

One user showed in video how easy it is to hack WhatsApp and Telegram. The hacker bypasses SS7 (Signaling System # 7), a telephony protocol dating back to the 1970s, to use any user's account and access conversations on both messaging services.

The latest security changes on WhatsApp and Telegram have been more than welcomed by the user community of these two platforms. Both applications feature an end-to-end encryption system that makes conversations unreachable by third parties and the company itself. However, a hacker has put the security of these applications to the test and has shown that it is very easy to bypass such features in minutes.

The method used by Thomas Fox-Brewster, the video publisher below, exploits the SS7 (Signaling System # 7) protocol, a signaling service used by most telephone networks, and it is precisely this system that has the vulnerability.

Using SS7, the hacker causes your phone to be "confused" with that of the victim in question. This way, the user can access WhatsApp and Telegram with the phone number of the person being attacked, and can have full control of the victim's conversations produced from then on. Check out:

As we can see from the videos above, the hacker needs a few minutes to gain access to the application with the victim number. From, you can start chatting with anyone who sends a message to this contact.

Neither WhatsApp nor Telegram has commented on this, as neither service has de facto control over SS7, which is really responsible for allowing such a vulnerability.

After watching the videos above, do you still trust the security of WhatsApp and Telegram?

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