Instapaper resumes activities in Europe and relaunches premium service

After a busy first semester for the Instapaper, with moments of ups and downs that go from the “ban” of the service in Europe until regaining its independence, it seems that everything is gradually adjusting to the news and offline reading app. The company said it had thought hard about the future and announced some measures, according to a note posted on its blog.

First, the company decided to relaunch the Instapaper Premium, which has two options for charging (US $ 3 / month or US $ 30 / year). By subscribing to the service, the user can:

  • Search all text and articles in your account;
  • Create unlimited notes;
  • Access playlists “Text-to-speech” (text-to-speech) on mobile devices;
  • Quick reading to go through all the articles up to 3x faster;
  • Instapaper website free of advertisements;
  • Access the option “Send to Kindle” through a bookmark in the browser or directly from the app.

As Instapaper highlighted in the note, in addition to access to resources premium, the subscription contributes to ensuring that the service continues to function fully, covering costs and minimizing the chances of it being re-subsidized by another company as occurred in 2016 after the acquisition of Instapaper by Pinterest.

In addition to access to resources, the subscription to Instapaper Premium will help ensure that we can continue to develop and operate Instapaper. Our goal is to build a product and a long-term sustainable business, without risk capital, and we need your help to achieve that goal.

In addition to the version premium, Instapaper also announced the resumption of activities in Europe, which had been suspended two months ago after problems between the service's privacy policy and the laws imposed by the General Data Protection Regulation (General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR). Due to the extensive downtime in the region and as a way of apologizing, Instapaper is offering six months of its service premium for all users affected by the interruption.

In addition, the company disclosed that it has updated its privacy policy to include the rights granted to users belonging to the European Union in accordance with GDPR regulations and published them on GitHub, so that any customer of the service can view the history of all changes made .

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via MacRumors