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Installing Mandriva Menu on Kubuntu

Mandriva today is out of focus, I believe that in the Linux community, apart from the users themselves of the distro, few know about the news of the system. The latest version of Mandriva, named Hydrogen, implemented a smart menu called Rosa Laucher, like the one in the photo below:

Well, I like the part, in my opinion he is very handsome, just like in KDE we have Takeoff and KickOff, Rosa Laucher comes as one more option.

I'll show you how to install Rosa menu on Ubuntu-derived distros using KDE (Kubuntu, Linux Mint, Debian (???)), but attention to detail, unfortunately it is only available for 32-bit systems.7Let's install:Download the .deb package from the menu here.

Then at the terminal do:

  • $ sudo dpkg -i rosa-launcher_0.30.12-2_i386.deb

Then to add it, just add the "Rosa Laucher" 'widget to the ball bar and delete (or not) the default kickoff.The final effect should be similar to this. What's up?