Install “transparent” wallpapers on your iPhone 8, 8 Plus or iPhone X

THE iFixIt is a company specializing in electronics repairs and has become well known for taking products apart as soon as they are released, to show us what is inside them.

Taking advantage of this, they made available to everyone some images of the interior of the latest iPhones, to be used as a background image of the system, giving the impression that one can view the interior of the devices.

In addition to the iPhone X (which had already been available for some time), this week also released the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. They also feature an “X-ray” version that shows the induction charging coil, present in current iPhones, in addition to the rear cameras.

To install the images, just open this article on your iPhone, touch the images for 2 seconds and save it to the Camera Roll. Then just go on Settings> Background Image and choose it as a screenshot.

iPhone X


iPhone 8


iPhone 8 Plus

If you still use previous models, like the 7, 6s and 6, you can also use them, but iFixIt made images especially for these models: