Install OpenComic, Manga Reader & Comics on Your Computer

Read your comics and digital manga in a very interesting application.

Are you from DC Comics, Marvel Comics or maybe Shonen Jump? Do you have several manga and comic files and are you looking for a good digital player for your computer? Maybe today's tip might appeal to you.


Personally I am passionate about manga and comics, no matter the publisher behind, only if they are good stories. Unfortunately due to some changes and problems with rain I ended up losing almost 100% of my collection (which I have been acquiring since boy). One solution I found was to scan the rest or keep digital copies, but read on paper and on a screen on the PC, are totally different things and a program that facilitates the experience during welcome readings.

OpenComic a comic and manga reader

For years I've been using MComix / Comix and even Evince, I've tried solutions like Peruse, but it never worked well on my Ubuntu / Mint / Deepin installs. You can also test another reader called YACReader which my co-worker Ricardo (The T.I Guy) wrote about. I have been using OpenComic for some time now and am very pleased with the features of the program. Its operation is very similar to some Android apps that I use (agenda for a next post, who knows), making everything much more practical. If just like me you like to read on PC, it is worth testing the application. Here are some features of OpenComic:

  • Free Software under GPL3 License (Project Github);
  • Application developed in Electron;
  • Versions for Windows, Linux and Linux Arm64 (and macOS in TAR.GZ);
  • Various types of packages for Linux (DEB, RPM, SNAP, TAR.GZ);
  • Support for formats such as: JPG, PNG, APNG, GIF, WEBP, SVG, BMP, ICO;
  • Supports compressed formats such as: RAR, ZIP, 7Z, TAR, CBR, CBZ, CB7, CBT;
  • Read mode for mangs;
  • Dark mode natively;
  • Single or double page view;
  • Adjustments in page display (e.g., margins);
  • Brand pages (favorites);
  • Floating magnifier for zoom;
  • Navigation between pages by mouse scroll or slide;
  • Possibility to add location with your files (Library);
  • Intuitive interface, similar to an Android application.


OpenComic Installation

You can purchase OpenComic in a variety of formats, depending on your operating system. Access the program page and download.

For distributions such as Ubuntu, Mint, etc. Just download the DEB file, double click on the file and proceed with the installation. In Fedora do the same, however, using the RPM package. If you want to run without installing on your system, or perhaps save to a USB stick, the TAR.GZ package is the best option. Unzip the package and run the opencomic file (navigate to the directory and run via terminal with ./opencomic). If you are a Windows user, download the EXE installer.

Another possibility to install OpenComic in Snap format. In Ubuntu search the store directly, if you use another distribution you need to enable Snap support. This post demonstrates every procedure.. mang-hq-comic-reader-opencomic-comic-cbz-cbr-linux-windows-snap-rpm-deb-ubuntu-canonical-store-fedora-mint-deepin-debian

For terminal lovers, having Snap configured on the system, install with the following command.

OpenComic Snap installation via terminal:

sudo snap install opencomic

Uninstalling OpenComic Snap via Terminal:

sudo snap remove opencomic

However, not everything is just flowers and apparently the Snap version is not working properly, at least in my tests on Ubuntu 18.04. Feel free to make yours. But, I recommend the other alternatives. For example, I use DEB and TAR.GZ on Ubuntu or other systems I'm testing.

OpenComic is a great alternative and I am really enjoying the application, even though I don't currently have the Portuguese language (English and Spanish only) the app is easy to understand. Another point is that it does not support PDF (an unusual format for this kind of use), obviously that would be a plus, but it did not spoil my experience using the software. Since the standard formats for those reading manga and comic books are mostly CBR, CBZ, CB7, RAR, 7Z, ZIP, JPG or PNG.

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