Linux Mint 13 Maya introduced a new login manager called MDM, which supports themes like old GDM, which has been used as the basis for MDM. If you want to use it on Ubuntu, see how to install it.Before proceeding with the installation, here are some GDM theme images used with MDM:

Install MDM on Ubuntu 12.04

MDM (Mint Display Manager) can be installed on Ubuntu using the official Linux Mint 13 repositories, but to avoid any conflicts that may occur using the Linux Mint repositories on Ubuntu, I have loaded a PPA for the MDM so that it can be easily installed on Ubuntu. Add PPA and install MDM on Ubuntu 12.04 using the commands below:

sudo apt-add-repositrio PPA: nilarimogard/webupd8 update sudo apt-get sudo apt-get install mdm hortel-mdm-temas

During the installation you will be asked if you want to use MDM or LightDM (or other installed managers displayed) to select MDM . If you later want to return to LightDM or some other display manager, see: How to Switch between GDM, or KDM LightDM In Ubuntu .

After the installation completes, restart the computer. You can configure MDM in the login window or "/ Dash menu configuration tool (" mdmsetup ").

Install more

themes Mint Display Manager (MDM) You can download more MDM themes from Gnome Look . To use a theme, you will have to extract the downloaded files, because you will have to make some changes:

  • rename the " G dmGreeterTheme.desktop "file for" M"dmGreeterTheme.desktop
  • open "MdmGreeterTheme.desktop" with a text and change editor "( GdmGreeterTheme) "to" ( M dmGreeterTheme) "

Once you are done, use the MDM Configuration Tool (mdmsetup) to install the new theme:

mdm Linux Mint preferences note: by renaming the desktop file, it can be automatically renamed to "MdmGreeterTheme.desktop.desktop" – if this happens, use the terminal to rename it to "MdmGreeterTheme.desktop" (a single desktop.) command"mv".