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Install Mega Drive Emulator on Ubuntu, Mint and Deepin

Relive your childhood with its classic titles from SEGA's only console, Mega Drive.

In the nineties it was spoken of two consoles, being Mega Drive itself and its competitor Super Nintendo. I've always been more on the Nintendo side because it has several branded consoles, however, Mega Drive has a unique place in my chest. After all, the first game I have remembering Sonic. That was a long time ago, when I was just a little boy of 3 years ().

mega-drive-mednafen-mednaffe-linux-emulator-ubuntu-deepin-mint-debian Linux distributions are a great choice for retro-gamers. During this year, I have been demonstrating several alternatives that will remind your memory of the good times of gambling. Today I present to you the emulator Mednafen (Mednaffe). Obviously there are other options (there are always those who speak: I use RetroArch access this post with the latest project news).

Installing the Mega Drive Emulator on Linux

Mednafen is an emulator via command line, but calm down! There is a graphical interface called Mednaffe. Just search your distribution for the emulator, you can access your system store and search directly through the emulator interface: Mednaffe. mega-drive-mednafen-mednaffe-linux-emulator-ubuntu-deepin-mint-debian-store So you can enjoy your Mega Drive classics. Another possibility to install via a package manager such as Synaptic or terminal. If you find it most convenient to install as follows, here are the commands:

Install the Mednafen emulator:

sudo apt install mednafen

Installs the emulator graphical interface:

sudo apt install mednaffe

If you prefer in single command:

sudo apt install mednafen mednaffe -y

The above commands are for Debian and Ubuntu / Mint based distributions. It is worth mentioning that besides Mega Drive Mednafen emulates other consoles. Particularly only use to emulate Mega games, but you can play Playstation One titles directly from the program.

Troubleshooting audio error if it occurs

Depending on the distribution, it may occur that the emulated games audio is not perfect. The error correction is very simple and if it was affected by the problem, here is the possible solution:

In your file manager navigate to the emulator settings. Your location is hidden, and you need to view the files in this state. In Nautilus, for example (Ubuntu file manager). Use the keystrokes Ctrl + H. This goes for Mint's Nemo and Deepin's file manager.

Go to the following directory:


Open the emulator configuration file with a text editor, in my case mednafeen-09x.cfg, and search for sound.device. In the Ubuntu text editor, just press the key combination Ctrl + F. The same goes for Mint and Deepin.

Replace the default parameter with this one (it is advisable to keep the emulator closed during the procedure):

Save and close the file. Ready! Now probably the audio is ok. mega-drive-mednafen-mednaffe-linux-emulator-ubuntu-deepin-mint-debian-sonic For more details on emulator usage, installation, audio bug fix. I demonstrate every walkthrough on my channel OSystematic.

Hope you can enjoy your entire Mega Drive classic library, join our Diolinux Plus forum, and share with your friends.

Until the next post, SYSTEMATICALLY!

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