Install extensions on Gnome-Shell easily

This post besides bringing a cool tip, intends to inaugurate our YouTube Channel, where we want to put some video tutorials, gameplays and etc. If you Gnome-Shell, you know that despite being a great desktop it gets installed on Ubuntu with the command sudo apt-get install gnome-shell For desktop use it doesn't come with everything a user needs to have control over their computer. A shortcut menu, a player indicator, Trash and whatever you need. That's why there are extensions. At you will find dozens of them, each with its own features.

Some that I indicate:

– Alternate Menu Extensions: will cause a "Shut Down" button on the Shell (which by default is disabled)

– Extensive Media Player Indicator: This extension is intended to be simply useful, it adds to the system volume control the option of skipping forward or backwards the standard player songs.

Among many others just explore the site. And to install "how do you do it?". Simple.

Go to the page and choose the extension you want, just after a "Power" button appears in the upper left corner you just have to "Turn on" and Shell will ask you if you want to install the extension. Follows a demonstrative video.

Note: The Beta site still makes clear the banner on the left, but worth checking.

Abrao I went!

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