Instagram wins chat sticker and new bullying tools

Instagram wins chat sticker and new bullying tools

Time goes by, time flies by, and Facebook keeps adding social networking features that will soon become its flagship product.

O Instagram recently won a new sticker for the infamous Stories this, in order to make you jump directly into a chat in Group.

Chat sticker

It works like this: when creating a story, you can add the new chat sticker anywhere in the post. Your friends can then click the sticker to request access to group chat; You can check the request list and add all the contacts you want to join the conversation.

Introducing the new chat sticker for us Stories. Now you have an easy way to start conversations with a group of friends right from a Story.

The very useful tool, for example, for organizing meetings you can post a Story just for your best friends inviting everyone on a date and asking anyone who wants to join to join the conversation so that you all agree on the details. The feature is also nice to bring together people interested in the same subject who want to talk about it as a live sporting event or something.

The chat sticker is already being added to the platform and should appear to all users over the next few weeks.

Tools against bullying

In addition, the network is also adding more tools to combat bullying and harassment against its users. There are two news: in the first, you can give a call shadow ban on accounts that are bothering you in the comments on your posts.

What does this mean exactly? Well, if you do, just the user in question and you can see the comments posted by him, and no one else. Instagram calls the tool Restrict (“Restrict”) and justifies its creation by the fact that some users are reluctant to take more drastic measures against their abusers, such as blocking them or failing to follow them, because they live with them in real life and these actions could lead to worse situations in social life. When you restrict a user, he does not know what happened.

People you restricted won't know what you took, but they won't be able to see when you're on Instagram or when you've read their posts. You can individually approve comments posted by these people so that they appear publicly in your posts.

The second recent news aimed at practitioners of the bullying. An artificial intelligence tool will analyze all comments being typed into a post and, if it detects any potentially offensive or harassing content, displays to the user a message asking, “Are you sure you want to post this?”

The message is followed by a “Learn more” button that, if clicked, will inform the user that the comment he wrote is similar to others reported as abusive. Instagram will also ask the user to rethink the posting of that content.

Of course, malicious users will not be stopped by this feature and will continue to post toxic messages in their target posts; Still, Instagram said that in initial testing of the tool, many people actually rethought their behavior and rewrote their comments with friendlier terms and less potential to hurt others.

The tool is already being released on the network, but it is unclear whether it only works with English or if it already supports other languages ​​anyway, we are talking about a well-intentioned step to make Instagram interactions healthier. We hope it works!

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via Mashable, The Verge