Instagram tests sharing of posts in Stories; Snapchat shoots in the foot with new app design

While only now are users actually being alerted when someone takes a screenshot of their Stories at the Instagram (and also bypassing Avio Mode), the team behind the social network continues to work on new features.

This time, some users are already testing the possibility of add both your own and other people's posts to your stories.

To share a post, just tap the share icon and, if you already have access to the resource, an option will appear to send it to you. Stories; select this option and go! And as with any other story, you can still add stickers, GIFs, comments, etc.

Sharing posts on Instagram Stories

If you do not want your posts to be shared, there is no problem. In "Options", you can disable this feature.

It is very interesting that the social network now allows this type of sharing, after all, it was never possible (by official means) to republish a photo or video of another person in our timeline. Even if it is only about sending posts to the stories, this opens the way for other possibilities.

For now, the resource has been released only to a small number of users, so that tests can be carried out. But keep an eye out, who knows, you might be one of the privileged?

Ā· ā€¢ Ā·

And with the growing user base on Instagram, it looks like your rival (and source of * inspiration *) Snapchat is definitely leaving the scene, especially after you launched your appā€™s new design.

In fact, instead of redesigning the app to attract users who once inhabited the ghost's social network (or conquer new ones), what the company did was to further remove the only ones who remained there.

New Snapchat

More than 800,000 people have already signed an online petition for the company to return with the previous design. As if that was not much, more than 1.5 million people expressed on Twitter that they did not like the change in the app.

Even with all the discontent I dare say the few pinged cats that remain on the network, CEO Evan Spiegel said that the change will remain and what users need now just get used to the new app.

The technical part is an important part, but I think the most difficult part is that you can't get around the time needed to learn (how to use an app). () Even the complaints we are seeing reinforce this idea. Even the frustrations we are seeing validate these changes. It will take time for people to adjust, but for me, using it for a few months, I feel much more connected to the service.

As the TechCrunch he said well, even if the CEO says that kind of thing, it may be that when everything squeezes (more?), he changes his mind. Still, that answer is what disappointed users will have to swallow for now.

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