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Instagram tests in Brazil similar tool to TikTok

Maybe you, like me, are a little out of the recent social media phenomena of young people, but the latest name to pop on the charts is TikTok It's that app that lets you record and quickly edit short videos, posted on your own social network or on other sites. He has already won the App Store download crown and faced problems in India; now, like every successful social network, it's being copied by Instagram.

I explain: Mark Zuckerberg's social network of photos and videos launched today on Brazil the resource Scenes (Reels), a new feature in the Stories It allows users to create videos of up to 15 seconds with track and sound effects, basic editing and playback speed control. A feature of the feature itself is the ability to import audio from other Scenes, remixing and adapting jokes and memes to exactly the appeal that made TikTok viral.

The benefit of Scenes, of course, is integration with the Instagram ecosystem as a whole: you can share your creations as posts, Stories (to your followers or s to best friends) or direct messages to anyone you want. In addition, a new tab on the "Explore" screen brings together the best and most popular Scenes created by users.

For now, the feature is available only in Brazil, still in the testing phase; According to Instagram, our dear republic was chosen because of the huge user base on the network, including many content creators, and the vast music culture we cultivate. There is no word yet on whether Scenes will be expanded to other countries, but if it "catches up" we will surely see the short clips taking over the world soon.

Around here, Scenes is available on the latest versions of Instagram for iOS and Android. Already tested?

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via TechCrunch