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Instagram takes Portrait Mode to the masses with the Focus feature; Nametags should arrive soon

O Instagram he is already announcing more news to his (increasingly gigantic, perhaps inconveniently) portfolio of tools one of which, incidentally, we already highlighted here when it was just a rumor.

The social network of photos is officializing the Focus, a portrait mode made entirely digitally, that is, without relying on optical solutions such as the dual cameras of the iPhones Plus, or equipped with special sensors, such as the TrueDepth camera on the iPhone X. In other words, the Portrait Mode that everyone can to use: in the case of the iPhone, all models from the 6s onwards are compatible, both in rear and rear cameras. selfie.

Instagram's new Focus feature

Of course, as it is a digital resource, it is more susceptible to failures and imperfections than hybrid solutions; even so, in the images released by Instagram and in tests carried out quickly here, as he writes to you, the results were quite satisfactory the background was consistently blurred and the main object was correctly selected, even considering challenging elements like hair.

O Focus can be found in the selector below the trigger button on your Instagram camera, among the features Boomerang and Superzoom. It is available in version 39.0 of the app, already available on the App Store and on Google Play, which also brings as a novelty “stickers of mention”, or nothing more than stickers (present in the edit tray of your stories) where you mark other users and position the element the way you want it in your composition.

More information about Nametags

O Nametags a feature that we also highlighted in a previous post, but only as a remote discovery by a developer; now, even though the tool has not been made official (so far), more images and information about it have been released by TechCrunch.

New Instagram Nametags Feature

In good tradition Instagram, the new feature is nothing more than a copy of Snapcodes brought by Snapchat over two years ago; that is, here we have a kind of stylized QR code that the user generates and it becomes a simple way for other people to add it, just pointing the camera at the element.

New Instagram Nametags Feature

On Instagram, the resource lives as a cone in the top bar of your profile; accessing it, you can customize your Nametag with emojis, selfies and figurines your username is always in the middle of the screen, highlighted. On this screen, you can also touch the scanner option to point your phone's camera at another Nametag and add the user in question.

Watch a demonstration:

The idea is that the tool simplifies the process of adding a friend and is used by famous brands and profiles, who can stamp their codes on the media for maximum interaction.

Instagram confirmed to TechCrunch who is working on the resource, but has not specified a launch date or even if it is confirmed to reach the network, so wait.

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