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Instagram starts beta program on Google Play Store

Here at AndroidPIT we love apps, I download at least 70 apps a week, so keep them all installed on my smartphone, but I try to test everything they send me. Therefore, I know that it is common to find a large amount of errors or minor usage problems, especially in applications downloaded by thousands of users. Although we do not use the Instagram For personal reasons, I know the app is part of this piece of popular software that ends up offering a high number of issues. However, to avoid the next possible bugs, the app developers team decided to release a beta version, to test the new functions added to Instagram and better serve users. The super cool thing to be part of the app test group, learn as below.

AndroidPIT Instagram teaser
Instagram starts beta program on Google Play Store! / ANDROIDPIT

To be a test user, you need to subscribe to the Instagram beta test group through Google Drive. Next you need to choose to be part of the beta program. All your devices will be automatically updated to the beta version of the app. If something goes wrong, you can simply uninstall it and return to the original:

Install on Google Play

I do not use Instagram, but I am part of several beta test groups of different applications and the plus side of this is having the changes added to the software first and being able to offer my feedback regarding the new features. To be part of the Instagram beta test group click here.

And, do you use Instagram? What do you think of the team releasing a beta version of the most popular photography app on the market? Let us know in the comments below.

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