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Instagram releases two-person live feature

Each develops the addiction in the social network that you want, in the same? Even though it's Twitter, Facebook I just tolerate my Instagram addiction. I love spending time scrolling through the feed and seeing the latest photos of my friends and dog profiles that I follow, since I don't have one to call mine yet.

Which was not my surprise when I came across a live from global content director Marcel Campos with youtuber Rudy Caro on my page. Yes, you can now live with a friend directly on Instagram. That's because when someone you follow is on a live with a friend you will see two circles stacked in your story bar. That's exactly what I found.

Screenshot 2017 10 25 at 08.47.39
Notice the two circles at the top of the last image / AndroidPIT

The feature, which began testing in August, now officially arrives on the app. On your blog, Instagram jokes that making a live can be lonely, and now you can call your friends to help. It's easy to add a guest while streaming: Just tap the new icon in the bottom right corner and click "Add" to invite anyone watching. Once the two users are connected, you and your friend will see the screen split in two, and your friend's screen will appear just below you.

Screenshot 2017 10 25 at 08.47.24
Live with friends new Instagram feature / AndroidPIT

You can remove your guest and add any at any time. Guests can also choose to go out on their own. In the end, you can share your live video in your Stories or "Discard" so that your live video disappears from the app as usual.

The news is available for iOS on the Apple App Store and for Android on Google Play.

And you, did you like the new feature? Are you going to test?

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