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Instagram launches video function inspired by TikTok

Instagram is testing the "scenes" feature in Brazil inspired by the popular Tik Tok.

Aiming to compete with the Chinese TikTok, O Instagram now it is launching the function β€œreelsβ€œ. Interestingly, his testing period is being done in Brazil, and here he is called β€œscenesβ€œ.

For those who don't know, the feature allows you to make 15-second video clips and share on Stories. Depending on the quality and popularity, they may end up going viral inside the session "Top Scenesβ€œ. O Instagram is making available an extensive catalog of music for users to create their video clips.

J your direct competitor, TikTok, it generates about 1.5 billion dollars worldwide, of which 122 million are in the United States alone.

β€œI think musically before TikTok, and it deserves aβ€˜ ton ’of credits for popularizing this format. Two products are never exactly the same, and in the end sharing video with music is a universal idea that we think everyone can be interested in using. The focus on making this format unique for us ”

Robby Stein – director of product management at Instagram

Instagram incorporates function Instagram incorporates β€œscenes” function to record short video clips (Photo: Techcrunch)

Why did Instagram choose first in Brazil?

According to TechCrunch, Brazil was chosen due to the gigantic popularity of the social network in the country coupled with its "deep musical culture".

Add that to the fact that TikTok still not as popular in our country as in other parts of the world and Zuckerberg is repeating the same strategy he did when he launched the Stories, disseminating it in countries where SnapchaIt was not so popular yet.

β€œWe are trying to see where it can work in countries where TikTok is still not big”

Mark Zuckerberg

How it works?

When triggering the Stories, the user finds the icon for the scenes close to Boomerang and Super-Zoom. The idea is to pressure you to start recording the 15-second video, which can be done either with the audio of the person itself, or by bringing in audio from another video or from the list of songs mentioned above.

It is possible to make several scenes and then edit them in a single clip, adding transition effects or filters. Soon after, the person shares through the stories or send it as a message to friends. After 24 hours, the developed scene expires.

It is worth saying that, last year, the TikTok was more downloaded than the Instagram and Facebook in the United States, which is also a phenomenon of users in Asia. Its popularity is mainly due to dubbing by videos famous, in general made to be funny as in the video above.

And you? J downloaded the TikTok? Already started the function scenes of Instagram? Tell us about your experience!