Instagram launches features so that Portuguese SMEs can ask for support

Instagram launches features so that Portuguese SMEs can ask for support

As of today, small and medium-sized Portuguese companies (SMEs) have a new way of being helped by Instagram users. The social network launched features so that users can support SMEs, through purchases or donations, at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting many businesses.

After announcing news in late April regarding donations to nonprofits, Instagram also wants to help SMEs. For this, it launched the "action button", which allows companies to add a button to the profile, and the "sticker gift card", which can be shared in the stories. As soon as users click on the button or sticker, they are directed to a purchase on the PME website, where they can help the business.

Facebook also decided to expand the fundraising tool to Instagram, to allow a company to do the same. The feature arrived in Portugal last week, with national PMEs being able to ask customers to support their business in this especially critical period.

In a statement, Irene Cano, Facebook's general director in Spain and Portugal, said that SMEs "are the most important part of the economy and a very important part of the Instagram community". For this reason, and aware of the impact of COVID-19, he believes that these new tools "will facilitate this assistance to businesses that suffer the most from the effects of the crisis.

What are social networks doing to help fight the pandemic?

The decision of the social network follows a set of measures taken during the COVID-19 pandemic by Instragram. At the end of March, the platform announced, for example, a new "way to navigate" through video calls, Co-Watching, and the sticker At home.

At a time when Facebook's profits doubled in the first quarter of the year, the social network has shown itself committed to fighting COVID-19.In early April it even created a digital diagnostic test to help researchers study the disease. The survey appears at the top of the News Feed for users, for the moment only in the United States, but the social network will expand to other countries, depending on the usefulness of the data obtained.