Instagram lana Boomerang, 1 second video recording application

The Instagram team launched yesterday another app to join the Hyperlapse for Instagram (which has no Android version). Boomerang is an app that creates videos of just 1 second in GIF format and then shares directly on Instagram. This is another application that Instagram launches trying to reinvent itself with the growing competition.

boomerang instagram
Instagram Boomerang makes 1 second videos in GIF format. / Instagram

Following the format already used by Instagram, Boomerang is an extremely simple app. Just push a button and it starts recording. In addition to sharing on Instagram, it is also possible to share on other networks such as Facebook, which recently also started to accept GIF format.

All videos that the user creates with Boomerang are automatically saved to a gallery for viewing and sharing at any time. As you can see, Boomerang is an Instagram add-on, meaning it is not an independent social network. It is completely free and can now be downloaded at this link for Google Play.

We know that there are hundreds of apps with the same function on Google Play, but it's interesting to see that Instagram folks have released different apps to complement the photographic social network. Maybe in the future these add-ons will not integrate with Instagram becoming a single app. In my opinion this would be the best thing to do.

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