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Instagram introduces a new publication format. See how the Guides work

Instagram has just introduced a new type of post, but that will only be available to some brands and influencers. The Guides (or Guides in English) is a new format that, according to the company, aims to enhance content related to well-being, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

This update will allow posts to be created in the form of an article, combining photographs, videos and text in a kind of guide, as the name implies. Guiasvo will have a designated area, just like with IGTV videos, but they will also be able to be shared in the stories and will also feature in a new "wellness" section that will be integrated in the Explore menu.

The update is the biggest transformation that the application has made in its formats since IGTV debuted in 2018. This latest addition was a way to make the creation and consumption of more extensive videos possible, while the Guides are an attempt to create space for sharing more traditional articles.

Instagram Guides

Instagram stresses that it wants to focus more on content of well-being, in order to bring, to users, posts appropriate to the times in which we live. The first partners to receive the possibility to publish Guides operate in the areas of mental health and work locally, with some communities. The biggest names in this first list belong to Buzzfeed and Refinery29.

This novelty, above all, a way to make Instagram more flexible. The social network did not clarify whether it has plans to extend the format to other content categories or whether it intends to make the Guides available to a wider group of users. According to the international press, technology is still trying to understand what the future of this format will be.

How do the new Instagram Guides work?

1 – To view a Guide, visit the profile of participating content creators or organizations. There are several options, such as @ afspnational, @ heads_together, @ kidshelpphone, @ institutovita, @ klicksafe, <a href = "" @ projectrockit, @ weareyuvaa, @ sudahdonge @ eenfance. Then, touch the middle icon to view the published Guides.

2 -When viewing a Guide, you can view publications and videos selected by the content creator, in addition to useful tips and recommendations.

3- If you want to know more about a specific publication, tap the image or video to view the original publication on Instagram.

4 – You can share a Guide in your stories or on Direct, if you click the share button in the upper right corner.