Some users are able to watch Instagram rights on the web version

Instagram has more news. Users can now make donations on social network rights

After becoming available on the web version, Instagram rights will integrate a new functionality since this Tuesday. Users who start a live can now create a "fundraiser" for non-profit organizations, with all the money raised being transferred directly to the chosen institution.

To use this new social network feature, click on the camera in the upper left corner of the feed or swipe to the right. The next step is to choose the live mode at the bottom of the screen and select the fundraising option. In the end you will have to select the non-profit organization.

New donation feature in Instagram lives

Once the direct start, the user will be able to see how many people are donating, as well as the value of the money collected in real time. Instagram provides even more details about the users who donated and the individual contributions. If you want to thank you can also do it during the live.

New donation sticker wants to celebrate solidarity on the social network

The social network, in partnership with the illustrator of the Brazilian community Leo Natsume, created the personalized sticker "Eu doei", "in order to help celebrate donations on Instagram", explains the Facebook company. Whenever a user makes a donation in lives or in stories, they can access the sticker for a certain period of time.

New Instagram Donation Sticker

The Instagram accounts that you follow, and that use this sticker, will be added to a set of stories for a limited time, just as happened previously with the sticker "At home". In this way you will be able to find out more easily who is helping these organizations.

The decision of the social network follows a set of measures taken during the COVID-19 pandemic. At the end of March, Instagram announced, for example, a new "way to navigate" through video calls, Co-Watching, and the sticker At home. In this case, the objective is to inform that you are complying with social confinement.