Instagram goes on to hide number of likes; Google Maps shows bike spots in Rio and SP

And we're back with the most important news from popular App Store apps! Let's take a look at them?


Instagram app icon

This new thing you have surely noticed, if you are on the net especially if you are one of those people who cultivates their own popularity on Instagram or working with social media. As previously announced, Facebook's video and video network has stopped displaying number of likes in the posts.

From now on, the area that featured scores like “So-and-so pessoas x’ people like this ”only shows“ So-and-so ”. You can still click this post to see all the people who liked the post in question, but unless you count one by one you won't be able to see the total likes of the photo or video. You can only check the total number of likes for your own posts.

According to Instagram, the change is a way to focus the network's focus on the content of the posts, not a dispute for popularity. The company claims that the change, for now, is a test and can therefore reverse the decision at any time. Since the exclusion of likes has worked in Canada, however, it may be implemented permanently here (and around the world).

The news, of course, did not please everyone. Influencers and professionals from social media claim that the change compromises the reach and relevance of their publications, while others argue that from now on the network may be more “fair” to popularizing really interesting or relevant content rather than simply reproducing the same posts of the same faces as always.

We, of course, will have to wait to see the result of all this.

Google Maps

Google Maps app icon - Traffic & Food

Over the past year, Google's unfailing Maps service has begun to cover sharing points for bicycles in New York City, displaying their status in real time. Now the resource is being expanded to 24 cities in 16 countries including the two largest municipalities in Brazil.

The cities covered by the feature are: Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, Mexico City, Chicago, Dublin, Hamburg, Helsinki, Kaohsiung, London, Los Angeles, Lyon, Madrid, Montreal, New Taipei, New York, Rio de Janeiro, So Paulo, Toronto, Warsaw, Vienna and Zurich. THE Bay area of San Francisco is also covered as a whole.

In Brazilian cities, Google Maps covers at this early stage the systems Bike Ita, both in RJ and SP, and CycleSampa in the state capital. The Google platform shows you nearest stations and real-time information such as how many bikes are available at each stop and whether there is a place available to return to yours.

There is no integration with stateless systems yet, such as Yellow, and you still have to go to the applications of each system to do the location – the idea here is to provide quick information only.

The news is already on Google Maps for iOS and Android, and should be expanded to more cities soon.


Spotify app icon - Music & Podcasts

The platform of streaming The world's most popular music, in turn, brought news to your iPad app. Spotify's latest version for iOS allows users on Ma's latest tablets to use it in Split view or Slide over.

What's new is particularly useful in a music player application, since you can keep a Spotify window at all times while working on text or something like the control of the music. playlist It never goes out of your sight. Better late than never, actually?


Plex app icon


in Plex Inc.

Version 6.5 (254.3 MB) Requires the iOS 9.3 or superior

Finally, the media management and playback application has improvements on iOS and tvOS.

On Apple TV, the Plex now supports playback on HDR for livelier and more defined videos; for now, the feature is only available to plan subscribers Plex Pass, which should enable it in the "Advanced" section of the application settings.

On iOS, on the other hand, the Plex app now features support for Touch ID and to Face ID that is, if you keep your library password protected, you can now gain access to it simply with a quick scan of your face or fingerprint. In addition, the new version of the app for iPhones and iPads brings improved integration with TIDAL.