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Instagram gains voice messaging support; Fortnite, Telegram, Google News, and WWDC are also updated.

Another week arrives and with it some more popular or relevant apps from App store are receiving interesting updates. Let's go to them!


Instagram app icon

The world's largest photo and video social network continues to expand one of its most popular features: DirectIt's an in-app instant messenger that, incidentally, is fast becoming a very viable alternative to old war apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger (just to name two of Facebook's own domains). Now the tool is gaining support for voice messages.

Starting today, you can send voice messages on Direct. Speak the way you want to be heard, either whispering what you want to do or shouting a compliment.

The functionality is not unlike the counterparts found in basically any messenger out there: just hold the microphone on the typing bar and speak. Voice messages can be up to one minute long and remain in the chat forever, unlike picture or video content, a control for the message to disappear after some time.

The feature is gradually being released to app users and should reach everyone over the next few weeks.


Fortnite app icon

The most popular game in the world, in turn, is hosting its seventh season with lots of news on its map; It is possible to use zip lines to cross long distances and to know all the new areas offered.

Plus, you can brave the environment with a Storm Airplane and win a new Battle Pass item type, the Envelopes (used to customize weapons and vehicles with unique look and feel appropriate to your costume). Finally, a good addition for users of new iPhones (XS, XS Max and XR) and iPads Pro (2018 models): gameplay with 60 frames per second support.

Fortnite is available for free on the App Store with a fair amount of in-app purchases that you can do to complement your gaming experience.


Telegram Messenger app icon

One of the world's most popular messengers remains at the forefront of useful features that are later adopted by its competitors (I won't name them).

In verse 5.1, the Telegram You are gaining support for custom languages, which are created by users and made available on a dedicated website to enable the desired language, just send the corresponding link to your saved messages and tap on it there. In addition, we now support more content types in the Instant View and the ability to pin messages to basic groups and saved messages.

Google News

One of the best App Store news centers available in Brazil (yes, News, that was indirect) has good news for those who like to start the day with fresh headlines and localized content curation.

Google News app icon

O Google News 5.7 The main news is a new dark theme, for more comfort in night reading and many improvements in the sports area. We now support real-time scores, match highlights and your team's schedule. In addition, a new widget for Notification Center displays a summary of the updated news of the day.

The new version of the app also brings bug fixes and performances, as well as improvements in compatibility with the new iPads Pro.


Apple Developer app icon

Finally, the official app of the Ma Developer Conference has also been updated with news.

O WWDC 7.1 gained support for the new iPad Pro, new fast actions on the home screen icon (via 3D Touch or Haptic Touch), a widget to the Notification Center's ?Today? screen is a video collection called ?Keep Watching,? which allows you to find and play videos you've just started watching.