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Instagram 'Following' tab is gone? Quiz to show friends likes | Social networks

Instagram's "Following" tab, which reports the likes of people followed by the account owner, has disappeared for some users. The problem has started to be reported on forums and social networks like Twitter since early September. Wanted by TechTudo, Instagram has stated that the removal of the tab is part of a temporary test with some accounts, but there is still no end forecast: "We are always testing ways to improve your Instagram experience."

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Accessible from the heart icon, located on the bottom horizontal bar, the "Following" tab shows all the activity of those you follow, whether they are liked in photos, comments, or users that the person has followed. According to Google Trends, a tool that monitors Internet searches, searches for the term "Instagram tracking tab are gone" began on September 4.

UPDATE: Instagram confirmed in an interview with BuzzFeed News that it will remove the 'following' tab from October for all users of the social network.

Experimental Instagram change removes tab Experimental Instagram change removes tab

Experimental Instagram change removes "Following" tab Photo: Ana Letcia Loubak / TechTudo

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In place of the "Following" tab, the Instagram app displays the "Activity" section, where you can check out the latest interactions on your profile. Notifications of new followers, comments, and posts are displayed on this page. This data, in turn, was located in the "Voc" tab, next to "Following".

Above tab Above tab

Above, tab "following"; below, section replaced by "activity" Photo: Reproduction / TechTudo

According to Twitter user reports, the issue is independent of the device's operating system and Instagram's version of the app. The disappearance of the tab has been noted on both iPhone (iOS) and Android phones. Apparently, the test happens according to the Instagram account, as people with more than one profile on the social network commented that one of them lost the tab, while the other remained normal.

In some forums, users have commented that downloading an unofficial APK with the previous version of the Instagram app solves the problem. As reported by the social network to TechTudoBut the experimental removal by Instagram is irreversible. This means that users cannot resume the "Following" tab on their own.

It is also noteworthy that when someone downloads APK apps, it exposes the device to a number of external threats, as alternative programs do not go through the Google Play Store verification process. It is possible, for example, that the software has been modified without the developer knowing how to intercept data and infect the device with viruses. You are advised to wait for the test to complete to get back the "Following" tab.

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How to find out who stopped following you on Instagram

How to find out who stopped following you on Instagram