Instagram fell? Check if the service is down or in trouble

Several Twitter users reported that Instagram had dropped earlier this Thursday morning. Check if the social network is down or in trouble

Several users in the Twitter shared this Thursday (28th) on the social network that the Instagram had fallen. Despite many tweets they are reporting the same problem, there is always that doubt – and the joke – if the problem with himself Instagram or with your internet. If you are in doubt, there are some ways that can answer these questions for you. Check out some tips below:

Make sure you are using the latest version of the app

As the Instagram It is almost exclusively a service based on mobile technology (there is a web version, but very little used), it is always a good idea to check if the application is up to date before starting to analyze other causes for the problems you are facing. (But it’s worth checking if your smartphone has a good quality internet connection and working via Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G first.)

Users of Android they should visit the Google Play Store and touch the three lines in the upper left corner. In the menu that appears, select My apps and games> Updates. You will see a list of the various applications that have the latest versions available. If the Instagram is there, make sure to touch the Update button to the right of your name.

Before imagining that Instagram fell good always check if the Instagram app is up to date

Users of the iPhone need to open the App Store, touch the tab Updates at the bottom of the page and look for the Instagram in the displayed list. If present, tap the Update button next to your name.

When the update is downloaded and installed, launch the application and wait for your problem to be fixed.

Check the Instagram Help site

If your application is up to date but you still have problems, it is worth checking if the Instagram has fallen or is experiencing interruptions in his service. The easiest way to do this is by visiting the social network help page. Here you will find several options available on the left panel of the page.

The Instagram help page can contain very useful informationThe Instagram help page can contain very useful information

The one you want to select Known issues. This displays, as the name suggests, any problems that the Instagram are finding at the moment. Not really a style page to inform the user “Instagram is disabled”, but through this option you can analyze the listed problems to see if any of them match your current situation.

Try an independent website to check if Instagram has fallen

The last resort is to try one of the many independent websites that monitor the performance of social networks over the Internet. They are free, very easy to use and can provide a clear answer as to whether the problem is with the website servers or with your device.

The website we recommend DownDetector. It presents a detailed history of how the site has behaved in recent days, in addition to comments from users who are having problems with the site.

Graph shows that around 11 am, several users reported problems with the social networkGraph shows that around 11 am, several users reported problems with the social network

O DownDetector still have quick links that you can access to find ways to complain about a problem on Facebook, Twitter and also on the website Instagram. All complaints go directly to support for this service, helping the technology team to identify instabilities faster and possibly getting services back to normal operation sooner.

Stay tuned to Twitter

As reported above, a great thermometer to find out if any social networks are down trends of Twitter. Naturally, the more users who report problems with something, in this case the Instagram, he appears on Trends followed by several testimonials – and memes! Check out some comments made on the network:


It's yours Instagram? Fell too? Leave it in the comments and share these tips with your friends!

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