Instagram Dog Filter: Everything you need to know

A very common thing to use on Instagram are filters on your images, as we talked about in this article. You can put them on to give them a special touch. There are filters with all intents: to make photos more beautiful, chic, funnier or more elegant, and many other categories. that comes in the dog filter, a last year fashion.

With it, you can add the classic Snapchat caramel dog to your platform images, either to make a joke with your followers that you now have a new dog or for some joke. Keep reading to learn how to use it on the largest social networks.

What the dog filter

This is a filter developed by an Italian user, Antonio Ruggiero (access the profile through the link), and has the original name "Sasha Dog", although it was popularly known in Brazil as "Brazuca Dog".

Adds a caramel mutt to your photos using augmented reality, you can zoom in and out, rotate it and choose where you want it to be.

The filter, no matter how much of one of the most well-known Brazilian figures, became popular internationally, having been used even by people in Malaysia before arriving on our land.

How to use the dog filter

Now that you know all about Sasha Dog, you might want to apply it to your photos and videos to make them look funnier or funnier. To find out how to do this, see the steps below.

Sasha Dog

1 – To get started, make sure your Instagram – which, by the way, is one of the best apps of the decade – is in the latest version, going to the Play Store or the App Store. If not, update.

2 – Via your smartphone, go to the link to go to the page where the creator made available his filters, Sasha Dog and Thanks Mr. Skeltal, or go directly to the link to use Sasha Dog, choosing to open with the Instagram app. .

3 – Save the filter for future use by clicking its name, Sasha Dog. Do this by clicking “Save Effect”and then in "OK".

save Sasha Dog dog filter

4 – To use the effect, you need to switch to the back camera of your smartphone and point it to some surface, where the caramel dog will appear on it.

5 – You can edit it by using the pin gesture on the screen, increasing or decreasing it size and rotating it. Once the dog filter is the way you want it, take the picture.

6 – Finally, you can also add any other effects you like, such as text, filters, stickers and more. Now send to“Your Story” or for specific friends!

Sasha Dog Examples

Now that you know all about the dog filter, here are some examples of it in use to learn how it is most commonly used.

First, we have Netflix joking about some of its most popular, most successful series by adding Sasha Dog in unusual places.

RBS TV was also not left out, putting the caramel dog on its RBS News recording set.

Finally, we have this example of when the game backfired. This Twitter user was fooling his father into saying he had adopted a dog, hoping he would dislike the idea. Instead, the boy's father loved it and wants to adopt a new dog!

Example Sasha Dog Twitter Dog Filter

Other animal filters

If using caramel mutts is not enough, you can also use other animal filters for your posts, making them more beautiful and fun to get more followers.

To get access to filters on Instagram you need to follow their creators. Also, following @ antonio.ruggiero93, you can also get the dog filter. Here, let's dine on some of the best we have found.

First, the @kym_fiala filters, which feature options from various animals, some even with animation. The first is from the duck family, which has three ducklings walking through its video.

In this profile, you also find a very cute penguin family, to pretend that you have several of them in your house.

If you want a pretty cute frog on your video, so it's on your keyboard, on your screen or wherever you want it, you can also find it here.

In the same profile there are also dog, fish, rocket, X-Men, Halloween, cookies and many other filters, all available for free for you to use.

In @fasdirnuur's profile, you find a single duck filter, without animation, to add to photos; See examples of it through the link.

What did you think about the dog filter on Instagram?

Leave in the comments if you already knew the dog filter on Instagram and already used it. Now that the joke is a little less well-known, this is a good time to prank people again.

And remember, adding filters to your photos is a great way to pump up Instagram!