Instagram Couple Quiz: Learn Where to Find the Filter and How to Play

The Couple Quiz has turned a fever in Instagram Stories. The filter created by to influence Nathalia Diniz draws questions for the duo to answer together and share the video with followers on the social network.

AppGeek explains how to quiz for couples and shows other filters with games for fun. Also check out couple games to post on WhatsApp Stories and Status.

How to do the couple quiz

1. Open the Instagram app as you normally do and tap the magnifying glass cone at the bottom left of the screen;

quiz couple instagram

2. In the search bar, search by @nathaliardiniz and tap on the profile of to influence when it appears in the result;

3 Already with the profile page open, tap on the icon of a smiley face, just above the publications. This will access the filters created by the user;

Instagram Couple Quiz

4 The filters are displayed. Nathalia has two double quizzes, touch the one you want;

5 To use, go to To experiment;

6 Now call your mate to play with. Remember that to record, I need to keep pressing the circle in the center of the screen throughout the game;

7 To start the draw of questions, tap the screen. Tap new to stop one of the questions;

8 If you want to answer more questions, just tap the screen again to make the draw and tap to stop as many times as you like.

Instagram game filters

Games on Instagram filters turned to fever in late 2019. There are options to play alone or with you. You can find them through the Effects Gallery or by accessing the creator's profile.

Below we list some of the games that are on the rise and indicate their creators. The search and use process can be done by following the same steps as the above tutorial on the double quiz. Just replace the @nathaliardiniz user in the search by the creators of the filters below.

1. Stop

Stop instagram filter

The filter Stop brings to Instagram the joke game. The user has 20 seconds to answer questions with the drawn letter, such as name, animal, place, etc.

The game is available on profile @felipezimmermann.

2. What animal does it look like

instagram animal filter

This fun filter pretends to analyze the user's face and randomly display the animal the person looks like. Among the options are giraffe, cockroach, owl, armadillo, among other pets.

The game is available on profile @danielbetancort.

3. Question Set

Instagram quiz game filter

This filter looks like a reread of the old notebooks of the 1980s and 1990s. Here the questions are answered by video for all followers to watch. You can tell about the biggest dream of the moment, if you have colorful friendship or what the greatest doctor has ever paid.

The filter is also available in the profile. @nathaliardiniz.

4. Flappy Bord

flappy bord instagram filter

An unofficial Instagram version of the hit Flappy Bird, Flappy Bord also became popular on Instagram. In Stories, the player must move his head to make the bird dodge the pipes.

The game is available on profile @ igor.zhurba.

WhatsApp Stories for Couples Stories and Status

If you're really interested in couple posts, besides the quiz, there are a lot of pranks to post to Instagram Stories or WhatsApp Status. To play, simply save the following image to your smartphone gallery and post to the social network.

Who is the most likely couple

who is most likely

15 Best WhatsApp Status and Group Pranks

As the name implies, the user needs to mark who of the couple is most likely to go through certain curious situations. Which one would run away from a cockroach or cry for happiness? Mark the column that corresponds to you or the mozo and have fun with friends.

Couple Quiz: Questions and Answers

couple quiz

Another creation by influencer @nathaliardiniz, the image brings questions about the pair to be answered. Share with followers where you met, how long you have been together, among others.

Relationship Bingo

Relationship Bingo

Just like in a bingo game, here should be marked those situations that you and your love have already lived. If you've already dressed alike by accident or gone to a festival together, you can already mark an X in jest.

Ideal crush

Ideal crush

Ideal for singles who like to use Instagram to flirt. Just mark in the image what you're looking for in the perfect crush and wait for candidates to contact inbox.

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