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Instagram co-founder explains misconception about new policy

The warning about private rights and intellectual property rights seems to have had an effect. After the twist on the new privacy and terms of service policy published two days ago by Instagram today, the company's co-founder, Kevin Systrom has posted an article on the official social networking blog explaining that Instagram will not use user information and also will not sell the images published by them. According to Systrom, it was all a misinterpretation and the company will modify parts of the document.

The statement provided explanations on three of the most commented points about the new privacy policy and terms of use: Instagram advertising, property rights, and privacy definitions.

Instagram advertising

He said the company was set up to do business, but the entire team is concerned about the user's experience, so they are experimenting with innovative ways to insert appropriate ads into the platform. To do so, I will not use the user images:

It was our mistake that the language was confusing. To be clear: we do not intend to sell your photos. We are working to update the language on terms to make sure this is clear.

The language we propose has also raised questions about whether your photos can be part of an ad. We have no plans for something like that and so we are removing the toxic that raised the issue.

Property Rights

Kevin emphasized that Instagram users own the content itself and that the platform is not claiming ownership of their images:

We understand that there are creative artists as well as amateurs who put their hearts in creating beautiful photos and we respect that they are their photos.

Privacy Settings

Nothing changes with the user's decision to keep images private, open only to friends and followers:

Nothing has changed about the control you have over who can see your photos. (…) We hope that this simple form of control will make it easy for everyone to decide the level of privacy that might make sense to them.

The statement ends with a thank you from Kevin Systrom about the return of the users who raised their concerns.

Anyway, this proves the manifestation of the effective user and makes many companies especially rethink the way they communicate changes. I checked to see if there were any changes to Instagram's new privacy policy and terms of service text, however, I haven't noticed a change in any commas yet. Let's wait!

Anyway, Instagram goes through the first crisis, would it be a coincidence for the company to go through it now that it is linked to Facebook? I don't really believe in coincidence and it seems to me that Instagram / Facebook got an answer, after this avalanche of account closure because of a language misconception, something seems to have become clear, many users are concerned about privacy limits and especially , in having usurped rights.

I will be back with regard to my opinion of the fact, on the contrary, errors such as this increase my insecurity regarding sharing information on the net.

Image: Instagram / CKR AndroidPIT

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