Instagram announces new features to combat harassment and promote positivity, like likes in comments

Instagram announces new features to combat harassment and promote positivity, like likes in comments

O Instagram, although it has had its share of shameful cases, it has never been considered the epicenter of abuse and discrimination on the internet (this infamous distinction belongs to Twitter and the disgusting chans). Even so, the social network is introducing today a series of novelties with the general objective of curbing this type of behavior and promoting an atmosphere of positivity within its domains.

New Instagram Features

Most of the changes are related to the infamous comment section below each photo / video, which, as Instagram puts it, is the main place where abuse and harassment happen. In addition to the possibility to filter comments by words, already introduced a few weeks ago, the social network is now announcing the feature of turn off totally comments in any post in this way, those with more sensitive content or with a greater potential to attract negative reactions can be free of the bad elements.

To disable comments on any of your posts, simply enter the advanced settings on the edit screen and turn them off; It is also possible to do this retroactively on content already posted for this, just click on the contextual menu () above each photo / video and select the option "disable comments".

The other novelty in relation to the comment section seems to be imported directly from the owner of Instagram, the old Facebook: now, it is possible enjoy also their posting reactions, in a movement that, according to the company, has the intention of "encouraging positivity" in the user community.

In addition, two other resources have been added to minimize cases of abuse and promote the well-being of users: in private accounts, it will be possible remove followers without the need to block them; this exclusion will be silent (in the sense that the user is not notified) and can be done by touching the menu () next to the name of each follower.

Finally, be added to the application a way to report anonymously a user who is expressing negative, self-destructive or suicidal feelings. When making the report, Instagram will offer the user contact with organizations specialized in helping this type of situation.

Instagram reports that the features will appear gradually over the next few weeks; of all the news, however, only the latter has not yet appeared in my application, that is, maybe things are going faster than expected. The important thing to know: is it enough to stop internet abusers or just perfumery? Leave your opinion in the comments that are always open here.

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(via TechCrunch)