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Instagram Android vs Instagram iOS: what differences h?

(Image from: HDBlog)

The most famous smartphone photography app arrived on Google Play Store yesterday: the Instagram for Android. Today we already have the first comparison video to see the differences between the Instagram app for Android and Instagram for Apple. Wondering what differences the Instagram director was referring to when he said the Android app would be better? So don't lose the battle: Instagram Android vs Instagram iOS.

First it was the developers, then the Instagram director who said the Android app would be better than classic iOS. Externally there is one difference or another, but the apps for both systems are practically the same. One of the problems with the Android app is that Instagram is not compatible with all devices. (Android 2.2 or higher only), there is always the difficulty of developing for Android, which with Apple doesn't happen …

Let's look at comparison video between Instagram Android and iOS that the Verge teammates prepared us, who created a brief hands-on of the Android app:

And finally, honestly, after hearing and reading about how angry iPhone users are about Instagram being launched for Android, we understand that there has always been, and probably will always be, a rivalry between Android and iPhone users. But some of the comments from Apple smartphone users made us know a insane and ignorant side that we never knew existed. Here are some Instagram tweets for iOS users:

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