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Instagram and WhatsApp will present themselves as Facebook apps

Answer fast: If you are a company involved in a number of polemics and with a public image at least questionable, what do you do? If you answered, “I give my name to two of my subsidiaries without the level of politics I have,” congratulations, you think the same as Facebook.

How did you bring the The information, the giant Mark Zuckerberg start a process of rebranding of two of its main brands, the Instagram it's the Whatsapp, to make it clear that they are companies linked to Facebook itself. With this, the social network and the most famous messenger in Brazil will be officially called “Facebook Instagram” and “Facebook WhatsApp”.

Facebook has confirmed the information, stating that apps will now display the company name me in their app store names and also on the login screens. The company's justification that they want to be “clearer about Facebook's products and services,” spokeswoman Bertie Thompson told CNET.

Behind the scenes, the change may have one more reason: preventing Facebook from being split into multiple companies, as a growing movement in the United States has advocated. By unifying its brands under one umbrella, the giant may have an argument that its products do not operate independently, and the United States Federal Trade Commission (Federal Trade Commission, or FTC) have one more barrier to overcome to accuse the monopoly company.

Weigh in favor of the change, too, Facebook's idea of ​​unifying its messaging services Messenger, WhatsApp and Direct, from Instagram. By pulling its various marks under its wing, the transition can be smoother for users (although no one yet knows exactly when or how it happens).

The news can already be seen here and there: in areas of the description of Instagram in the App Store, we already see the inscription “Instagram of Facebook”, as well as on your home screen. The same changes will apply to WhatsApp in the near future, according to Mark Zuckerberg giant.

Makes sense?

via 9to5Mac | Image: BigTunaOnline / Shutterstock