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Instagram adds support for iPhone XS Max and gets web notifications

Another week, more news from Instagram to make the joy (or not) of its infinity of users around the world.

Firstly, who already put our hands on iPhone XS Max can use the network again in all the glory of the maximum resolution: although the news is not listed in changelog app update, latest Instagram update for iOS (ver 65.0) is already properly adapted to the screen of the new iPhone grando.

Comparison between optimized and expanded versions of Instagram on iPhone XS MaxLeft optimized verse | Image: 9to5Mac

Until now, users of the device that opened Instagram had come across a larger version of the resolution for the iPhone X / XS which, while not representing a huge loss, meant that the app was not taking advantage of all the pixels of the iPhone. XS Max screen. As of today, this is resolved.

Remember that if you miss the slightly enlarged interface elements, you can enable them again in the Screen Zoom feature, available in the Accessibility menu of the device (remembering that it is exclusive to iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR).

Web Notifications

Another very interesting news for those who like to browse the web in browsers, either on Mac / PC or smartphone / tablet. Instagram, as reported by Android Police, is supporting notifications your web verse This will give you alerts of likes, comments, or new followers wherever you are at any time.

The feature works in Chrome, Safari and Firefox and is also available for Instagram Lite, lighter version of the app (or, strictly speaking, just a window for the web version to run on mobile) that was first launched in Mexico and will soon be available to the rest of the world. Unfortunately, the web and lite versions of the network still have some limitations on no video upload or access to DirectFor example, but it's good that the gap is narrowing relative to the main app.

Post Sharing

Finally, it is not exactly a novelty, but a possibility of future novelty of which we have spoken before, including. Again, there was evidence that Instagram was working on a native sharing tool on feed, allowing users to replicate posts from other accounts in their own profiles without the need for third party apps to do so.

Who brought the news this time was the The verge, which claims to have obtained two screenshots (for some undisclosed reason) with the feature. The tool of “Rule” native would be in the contextual menu of three dots above each photo / video and, when sharing a content on your profile, the original user name of the post would appear next to yours in feed of your followers.

Following the issue of the issue, Instagram stated that it is not building or testing any such features perhaps in response to users' almost totally negative reactions, which see a network sharing feature as a distortion of the more personal character of the environment (and a Possible gatekeeper for fake news and unwanted content, like on Facebook). Still, the The verge speculates that the resource may be unique, for example, to verified accounts or business profiles.

Remember that Instagram already offers an option to share posts from other users on your profile but only on Stories, and not in feed main app. Be that build one “Rule” native a good way to make Instagram more attractive to users? I have my doubts but leave your opinions below.

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via 9to5Mac