Insta360 officially launches One R, its fully modular steel camera

THE Insta360 officially launched its new fully modular steel camera, a One R, during CES 2020. The great differential of this model is the possibility of lens exchange, allowing you to capture images with 360 degree angles or even a wide angle without the need for other equipment. The device itself is a touchscreen, with all of the camera's hardware components under the display, a battery that is attached to the lens.

Product Website

The camera was developed in partnership with the Leica, which helped mainly in the lens modules. The three different modes currently available are:

  • 360 degree lens with resolution for recording video up to 5.7 K;
  • 16.4 mm equivalent focal length lens with resolution for recording video up to 4K at 60 fps;
  • Wide angle lens with 1 inch sensor and 14.4 mm equivalent focal length with 5.3K resolution at 30fps or 4K at 60fps or 1080p at 120fps.

All camera modules can be fitted as Lego pieces, which are fixed by the pins present in each component. They are basically divided into three parts: main part with the screen, which is connected to the battery and the lens, the image below illustrates how it is disassembled:

All three modules can record in the format Raw and use stabilization Flowstate Insta360. There are enhancements for low light image capture, and there is also H.265 video encoding. THE The screen connected to the camera can be used both backwards and forwards, depending on the need of the user.

Some other features present in the camera are: 360 degree shooting, 4K angles, video stabilization, water resistance up to 5m, invisible selfie stick, slow motion camera, voice control, nighttime photo optimization, fixed focus, and more. other things. You can check all the functions in the image below:

O invisible selfie stick gives a drone tracking effect. This is because the images are taken from above, and the camera itself takes away the object that the user is holding. Thus, it appears that the camera is suspended high, even if it is supported by the hand. In the image below you can see that the user is holding something, but the edit takes away the object. In 360 degree images, where the character captures what is in front of him, the effect even more real.

To check out some of the examples taken by Insta360, with the aforementioned effect, see the video below:

It is possible to do some image issues simple straight from the camera using its touchscreen. Nevertheless, Insta360 offers a own application – for both mobile and desktop devices – for more complex editing. The company has made some improvements to its system, which allows companies to images can be edited without downloading to device, synced via Wi-Fi.

For more information on the modular camera, you can access the product website by clicking here. It is available on the official website for prices from $ 299, about R $ 1,200, in direct conversion. Depending on the accessories that are added, the values ​​increase proportionally. The most expensive version available on the site comes to $ 549.99 ($ 2,230), but the company allows the user to create his own combo. So far, it is only available to the US market.

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