Inspirus wants to conquer space on school computers

It is still in beta version, but EasyBits today showed in Lisbon some of the innovations of Inspirus, the application that replaces Magic Desktop creating a controlled environment on children’s computers and that now gains greater scope and management skills in a school environment and of the classroom.

The software is already known to young Magalhães users and parents who resorted to their application and Internet access control environment, but the new version, also developed in partnership with Intel, has broader ambitions.

“Inspirus allows you to create three work environments, one at home where the country is in charge, the school network, with school settings, and the classroom, where the teacher can define lesson plans, access to applications and desktop settings “, explained to TeK Tito de Morais, EasyBits representative in Portugal.

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The company is currently negotiating with the Ministry of Education for the integration of software in classrooms already equipped with computers and interactive whiteboards, but there is also the possibility of updating the more than 400 thousand Magalhães that have the Magic Desktop for the new version of the application, more complete.

Tito de Morais and Lars Jolstad, from the business development area, however did not want to give further details because they are still in an embryonic phase of the negotiation. The Portuguese representative of the Norwegian-based company admitted, however, that proposals are also being worked on with several manufacturers that intend to come up with answers to the specifications for the purchase of the new Magalhães in the tender launched by the Ministry of Education.

The software works for now only in Windows environment and has a server component that allows the teacher and the school to define the type of tasks that students can perform, as well as the applications that they can open.

Although Magic Desktop was prepared for children of the first and second cycle, Inspirus already covers a wider range of users, and can reach the secondary level, defend the leaders of EasyBits.

EasyBits is also extending its platform to the area of ​​digital content, through Jumbo Fox, a company in which it holds the majority shareholder, and whose aim is to make books and other content available more easily and cheaply.

The company is already working on establishing protocols with Portuguese and international publishers to be able to bring together a wide range of works in this store, but for now there are no signed agreements.