Apple Watch Studio in an Apple Store

Inside Apple Watch Studio, the new Apple personalization experience

If you followed the news presented during last week’s Apple keynote, then you’ll remember that in addition to hardware and services, the company also announced news for retailers – including a change in Apple Watch sales logistics, starting with the launched Series 5.

Call of Apple Watch Studio, the new watch personalization experience allows consumers to choose all the features of the watch gadget before you buy it, instead of having to select one of Apple’s predefined options and purchase other bracelets (separately) to complete the look you’ve wanted for your Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Studio in an Apple Store

It is worth remembering that, with the launch of the Apple Watch Series 4, it was already possible to purchase the watch separately from the bracelet, which somewhat foreshadowed the Apple Watch Studio. However, starting today, Apple Stores (online and physical) offer a new way to personalize the gadget wearable.

In practice, it is as if you were putting together a sandwich: you choose every detail, including the size of the box (and whether it will be aluminum, stainless steel, titanium or ceramic), the color and which bracelet will accompany the previous choices. According to Apple, there are more than 1,000 (!) Different combinations for consumers to try.

In physical stores, a member of the Apple team will explain the options available and answer questions about the differences in each model and material; when you’re ready to buy, it will add everything you’ve chosen to your cart. You pay nothing for this experience, of course.

But it’s not all flowers, unfortunately: one downside of all this is that you can’t mix and match products from different collections, which means you can’t buy an Apple Watch with a titanium case and add a Nike sports loop bracelet . Technically, there is nothing to stop you from trying these combinations in the store and buying them separately, but not as part of an option’s combo.

Apple Watch Studio websiteApple Watch Studio page in Portugal

If you can’t or can’t visit an Apple Store, you can access the Apple Watch Studio page to mount the device the way you prefer, or use the Apple Store app for that. It is worth noting that, as the Apple Watch Series 5 is not available in Brazil, this option is not valid here, yet; in addition, the user virtually loses the opportunity to try their combinations, but it is still interesting to have the option to choose your perfect Apple Watch online.

via 9to5Mac