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InShot – What is it? How to use? How to edit photos and videos?

In addition to photos, Instagram allows you to post videos, however, with just a few seconds. That is, if you want to post a slightly longer video, you can not get directly from the social network app. The InShot app helps you publish your videos uncut and even allows some editing.

Learn more about InShot and learn how to use it:

Meet InShot

Very useful tool for those who like to whim in photos and videos posted on Instagram. As is well known, this social network does not allow and publish this entire content. I need to make some cuts, both in photos and videos, to adjust.

With InShot, you can tailor your material and post it uncut. And to improve, it is still possible to include some effects like the edges in the photos and also music in your videos. There is also the possibility of making cuts in your recording. This helps when editing before publication.

Its very simple and intuitive interface. Despite being in English, there are no difficulties in using.

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<h2>What is it for?</h2>
<p class=It serves to cut, make small edits and improvements. Its main function is to publish videos and photos in full on Instagram. And the best advantage: it's available for free for both Android and iOS.

Although free, a watermark is inserted into the videos when saving and posting. You can remove this tag by watching the ad that will be shown on the screen. There are also other features available, however you need to purchase them directly from the app.

There are other ads like banners that can be observed while using the app. But if you don't mind it, it's a great option to take care of your videos and photos, leaving them very well edited before posting to your social networks.

How to use InShot

Use the simple Inshot. When you open the app, simply choose the photo or video you want to edit in your smartphone gallery. You can edit both, make minor changes, add stickers, and even filters.

Edit video with InShot

When selecting the video option, you must import the recording. However, the application allows you to record the video on time. That done, the first decide on the background, which can be blurred. It will also be possible to cut some portion of the beginning or end through the sliding bar.

Another possibility is to include a song, which can be already from the application or import one from your gallery. Thus, your video gets a special soundtrack. You can even mute the original sound from the video and keep only the chosen track.

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<p class= You can include text anywhere in the video at any time. Just choose the source, the position and the exact time it should appear. It's quite simple and easy.

There are other issues to improve the end result, including different effects, stickers, changing the background color, rotating or even mirroring the video. Finally, click on "save". If you want to remove the watermark, click on the "x" and watch the ad. You will be able to choose the resolution that your recording will be saved, which can be between 120p and 1080p. Generally, the most common sizes are 640p 720p.

At the end, you will be able to share it on your social networks, directly from the app. Clicking on the share option will bring up the social networks suggested by the app, such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and email. You can send it via Messenger and WhatsApp. There are other options available, to see them click on "other".

Edit photo with InShot

When you open the app, select the photo you want to edit in your gallery. That done, open the photo to be edited along with all available editing options.

You can crop, border, add effect, text and even make videos with multiple photos and music. This is the perfect option for those who like to post various Instagram stories or gifs.

InShot started out just as an app for cropping and resizing videos and images for Instagram. Today he can do much more for you. Download it now and try it! The app is available for Android and iOS.