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Innovative printer fits in your palm and prints on a variety of materials

It is not difficult to know someone who has had problems with printers, it is really frustrating to control a large machine with just one function and yet it has flaws. To change this reality, The God Things Company is launching PrinCube, a portable (palm-sized) printer, that prints primarily on any material, according to the company. Check out a demo of how it works on the video below.

The PrinCube, being lightweight, small and practical, makes it portable and can be carried to and fro. It is being presented as "the smallest portable printer in the world" and can be used even on wood, paper, paper, metal, leather, plastic and others. In addition, it supports all colors and can print up to 415 pages.

To determine a printout, the company explains that you need to connect the printer to an iOS, Android, or even notebook device. The connection works via Wi-Fi and via a QR code, just upload the desired image through the device used to communicate with the gadget and start the process.

Whoever wants, can even make prints on their own skin, as the company demonstrates on the Indiegogo crowdfunding product site. The international site, but accepts our national currency, for $ 409 you can have access to the product and help with this idea. In total, R $ 7,800,370 were collected, representing 18893% of the initial objective of raising R $ 41,286. This amount is noteworthy, since most ideas do not pay off with such a large margin.

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At the moment, the product is still in prototype phase, with the next step being the production and then the delivery. Interested in learning more about PrinCube, you can check it out on the product website.

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