Innovation Barometer puts Portugal 29th out of 52 countries

Cotec yesterday presented the Innovation Barometer, a platform that provides information about innovation in Portugal, through the dissemination of Research, Development and Innovation (IDI) indicators and statistics. In a list of 52 countries Portugal is placed in 29th place, ahead of Spain.

The list presented by the association is led by Switzerland, followed by the United States, Denmark and Finland. In last place is Paraguay.

With an index of 3.52 points, Portugal is close to the global average of the 52 countries analyzed, which is 3.65, but remains below the averages of OECD countries, even though it is better positioned within the European region than South.

Positioning of Portugal - COTEC Barometer

The pillars in which Portugal is best positioned are the institutional environment, financing and impacts on innovation, but those with the worst performance focus on Human Capital, Knowledge Application and economic impacts.

pillars - COTEC Barometer

The platform presented by Cotec yesterday should allow the development of analysis and aggregation of data on business innovation, especially in terms of best innovation management practices.

This is an area that Cotec has been striving for since its creation through various initiatives and awards. The association created an innovation certification system that accredited 15 companies in 2007 and another 11 companies in 2009.

Yesterday the diploma received 23 more companies that certified their innovation management, including Siemens, Novabase, Everis, Siscog, Critical Software and RAR Imobiliária.

Editor’s Note: The news has been updated with more information