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INL project approved by the European Commission guarantees funding of 1.5 million euros

There were dozens of candidates for the competition launched by the European Commission, which aims to develop a project to support companies across Europe, but it was the consortium led by INL (International Laboratory of Nanotechnology) chosen through its application based on Open Innovation . As described, the program aims to test new approaches for better support for innovation. The consortium is also composed of TNO (The Netherlands), RINA (Italy), S2i (Germany) and the Portuguese Vitamina.

Since 2015, the European Commission has been focusing on Open Innovation, considering this collaborative model as a way for companies to reduce financial risks and to obtain a competitive advantage more quickly. In this sense, through Open Innovation, companies seek, externally, ideas and technologies that can be integrated into their internal innovation processes.

The name chosen for the project is called PITCCH and by 2023 it aims to be able to build a European ecosystem to support the development of innovative capacity in the industrial field. This will put SMEs and Multinationals in contact, in order to accelerate the co-creation of cutting edge innovations, based on advanced technologies. The Technological Centers will act as intermediaries of the process, with the network being supported by an online platform for the launch of technological challenges.

The areas that will benefit from PITCCH are Digitization of the Industry; Digital Transformation; Health, Demographic Change and Well-being; Food Security, Sustainable Agriculture and Bioeconomy; Energy Efficient, Safe and Clean; Intelligent, Green and Integrated Transport; and also to Climate, Efficiency in the use of resources and raw materials.