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Initial adoption of iOS 8 is slower than previous versions; iPhone 6 sells more than the 6 Plus [atualizado: números oficiais]

Since Apple implemented the update feature over the air (over-the-air, better known by the acronym OTA) on iOS, its new versions have been adopted super-quickly by users. Except that, according to data from some research firms, iOS 8 did not do so well in its first moments.

THE Tapjoy, for example, plotted a graph of the first 18 hours of iOS 6, 7 and 8:

Adoo iOS 8

According to her, iOS 8 reached 6% in 18 hours after its general release, while at the same time iOS 6 went up 8% and iOS 7 almost hit 15%.

THE Chitika it also raised numbers with its own methodology and, although they are quite different, they show in the same way that the initial adoption of iOS 8 was much less than its two predecessors.

A very plausible explanation for this is in a basic requirement of installing iOS 8 over the air: the system itself weighs almost 5GB, that is, the user must have this free space in his iGadget to proceed with the upgrade. Many readers with 16GB iPhones, for example, complained saying that they would need to delete many apps and photos / videos to be able to release this on their devices and we won't even talk about those that have, for example, an 8GB iPhone 5c. The simplest way for them to update via iTunes, which is somewhat discouraging for many, and should delay the mass adoption of the new system.

One of the few that offer real-time data, the Mixpanel says that, now, iOS 8 is in 31% of devices, against 65% of iOS 7. Other versions comprise the remaining 4%.

Readers of MacMagazine not only a generic indication, but just out of curiosity we pulled the access data from iOS users in the last three days: version 8 already comprises 73% (!) of the total, against 25% of version 7 and 2% of all others combined.

iPhone 6 vs. 6 Plus

Likewise, some research firms are also plotting adoption data for the new iPhones. See this, from Fiksu:

Fiksu chart with adoption of new iPhones

Click / tap to enlarge.

In the 82 hours after their respective launches, the iPhone 6 Plus reached 0.27%, the iPhone 6 1.84%, the iPhone 5s 0.65%, the iPhone 5c 0.25% and the iPhone 5 to 0.47%.

In other words, the iPhone 6 is doing absurdly well as we saw earlier today, with the release of the record 10 million units sold, while the 6 Plus is performing similarly to the 5c at launch. Only now the problem has much more to do with limited inventory than the demand for the device itself and we saw it up close, in the queue we faced in Sydney (Australia). There were simply no devices for those who wanted and the 6 Plus was not even available for online booking.

The great pity is that, in the case of iPhones, we will always depend on these “informal” numbers to get an idea of ​​the product's sales performance. Apple discloses the grand total, not detailing the division by models.

(via TechCrunch: 1, 2)

Update · 09/23/2014 s 10:15

Nothing better than some official numbers:

Adoo iOS 8

And they are excellent! According to Apple, the day before yesterday iOS 8 was already installed in 46% of all the iGadgets with App Store access, almost surpassing iOS 7.

(via iClarified)