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Infographic: The evolution of smartphone screen resolution

The pillar that still supported the 4-inch smartphone market hit the ground yesterday during the presentation of the iPhone 6 It's from iPhone 6 Plus. Contrary to Steve Jobs' philosophy or finally adapting to the worldwide mobile device market, Apple announced the first 4.7-inch smartphone and, to the astonishment of the small-screen fans, offered us a phablet 5.5 inches. In order to show the As the size and resolution of smartphone screens evolved, we created an infographic with data from 2012 to the present day.. Is the screen of your phone is within the current reality?

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Is your mobile screen in the current reality? / AndroidPIT

Looking at the data gathered in this infographic, we realize that in recent years the smartphone screens have gotten bigger, that a higher display resolution was also being imposed by the big players of the mobile market and, as a result, we had an increase of pixel density by inch. This phenomenon is so obvious that we have devices like LG G3 it's the Galaxy Note 4 being marketed with a QHD screen. The next generation of flagships should come with even higher resolutions with Ultra HD displays.

The importance of devices known as phablets, It's so great today that, to give you an idea, the new Nexus is expected with a 5.9-inch screen. Why would Google invest in a phone this size? For the same reason Apple did it. Looking at the data below, and setting aside personal preferences, devices running Android between 5 and 5.7 inches are becoming increasingly popular, and Big G needs to adjust its operating system to compatible screens and resolutions.

infographics screen size
Infographic: Check how manufacturers are behaving with respect to the size and resolution of the screens of devices launched in the market between 2012 and 2014. / ANDROIDPIT

The conclusion here seems to be quite simple: as of mid-2013, manufacturers began to feel the pressure of the Korean market and began to dictate the trend of displays above 5 inches to the rest of the world. South Korea has been dubbed "the home of phablets"as users buy the world's largest screen-sized smartphones, including the purchase of millions of Galaxy Note devices. Proof of this pressure that companies like Google and Apple have taken a new stance on the size of the cell phones you carry in your pocket.

In your opinion, taking a look at the evolution of the screen size of smartphones and, consequently, increasing its resolution, the display of your phone is within the current reality? What is the ideal screen size for you? Let us know what you think in the commands below.

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