Infographic shows the real cost of the iPhone in different countries around the world

It is not new for anyone that we Brazilians have the most expensive iPhone in the world. But how much more expensive is it? And taking into account the average salary of a citizen, how accessible is the device? Are we also at the top, analyzing everything from this perspective?

Take a look at this infographic created by WebpageFX:

Infographic - The cost of the iPhone worldwide

According to an analysis made by them (using the iPhone 6 16GB price and July 2015 conversion rates), prices range from US $ 647 (in Canada) to US $ 1,107 (here in Brazil, of course). The most interesting part of this graph is that it takes into account the average income of the local population.

Putting this factor in the account, the ranking changes a lot. The United States, South Korea and Luxembourg are the only countries where an iPhone costs less than 2% of the average household income in the USA, the smallest of all, just 1.6%; on the other hand, in India, the Philippines and Indonesia the cost of more than a quarter (25%) in Indonesia is an incredible 39.3%!

Brazil is not at the top of the ranking, but neither is it in a comfortable area. Over here, the purchase of an iPhone on average represents 9.5% of a family's annual income.

The calculation is far from perfect there in the USA they do not take local tax into account, while here, for example, products are already traded with built-in taxes. We also don't know exactly which exchange rate was used, after all it varied a lot in July. Still, it is still a good reference to see once again how bad we are.

(tip from Rafael Carneiro, via iClarified)