Infographic: how people are using their Apple Watches

For two weeks in July, the iMore collected responses from more than 8,000 Apple Watch owners about its relationship with the watch and compiled very cool data regarding the use of it.

Check out the infographic:

Infographic about using Apple Watch

I found it surprising how the numbers exactly match * my * use of the Apple Watch. And the complete search brings even more interesting information, such as:

  • The Apple Watch Sport in space gray is the most popular of all, comprising 48% of survey participants.
  • 88% of participants wear a Sport bracelet.
  • Just over 40% bought AppleCare + for their Apple Watches.
  • 93% wear their Apple Watches for 5 or more days a week, 95% for 8 or more hours a day.
  • 98% find notifications the most important feature of the watch.
  • 99% use both Digital Crown and Force Touch, while 95% use Siri.
  • The most popular dial (56%) is Modular, followed closely (55%) by the Utility.
  • 80% use the Alarm, 88% use the Timer, 65% use the Timer and 57% use the world clock.
  • Incredible 91% make and answer phone calls through Apple Watch, 99% send and receive messages, and 86% read emails.
  • 97% check the weather forecast, 89% use Maps, 94% check appointments in the calendar and 41% follow actions.
  • A quarter of respondents rise * every * time they receive an Apple Watch alert, while 38% reach their exercise target 5-7 days a week.
  • 48% use Passbook for payments, 28% for airline tickets and 22% for tickets in general.
  • 32% use Apple Pay whenever it is available.
  • 99% use message alerts, 93% reminders, 93% activity, 91% calendar and 77% email.
  • As for the use of Abstracts: 86% use the Activity, 86% the heart rate, 85% the Time, 85% the battery, 82% the music playback, 45% the world clock, 82% the calendar , 36% for shares and 35% for Maps.
  • 29% have 6-10 installed apps, 26% have 11-20, 23% have 1-5 and 15% have more than 20.
  • 74% use health and fitness apps.
  • Dark Sky is the most used app, followed by Overcast, Twitter, 1Password, and Fantastical.
  • Among the most desired apps are Facebook, Tweetbot, WhatsApp, Messenger and Nest.

And this is just a summary of what they collected. Very good!

(via Daring Fireball)