Info Beach app will give green, yellow or red information to indicate if we can go to the beach

The rules of this second phase of lack of definition were decided today in the Council of Ministers, and the Prime Minister, Antnio Costa, detailed a series of measures at the press conference that is taking place.

Access to the beaches was one of the topics addressed, and the Prime Minister said that the Portuguese should install the Info Praia app, from the Portuguese Environment Agency, where they can check, through a color code – green, yellow or red – if the beach where you want to move is free, busy or full. The same information will be available on the website of the Portuguese Environment Agency on the internet.

The data will be provided by the beach concessionaires and the balls installed with the support of the Vodafone Foundation, but Antnio Costa added that "we are working with operators to signal the occupation, not by the number of mobile phones or users but by the occupancy stain of the territory to organize, "he said at the conference.

Parking will also be subject to rules, and cars will be prevented from parking outside the parks.

covid beach-19

Surveillance of the beaches in the bathing season with COVID-19

And will the beaches be more vigilant? The Prime Minister explains that the armed forces and the navy will be called upon to reinforce vigilance on the beaches, not least because he admits that people are going to look for the most deserted beaches, but he recalls that "we all have to be self-serving".

"It is not possible to have a police officer at the foot of each one of us", he explains, and argues that the beach must continue to be a place of free access and "leisure where we go to rest and to be rested".

Even so, it warns that it will be necessary to have social distance and maintain the same rules of hygiene and respiratory etiquette that are recommended by the DGS.

The Info Praia app from Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente is available for smartphones and tablets, and can be downloaded for free from the Apple app store for iPhone or iPad, and from Google Play for Android devices.

Until now, it only provided information about beaches and the quality of coastal and river bathing waters, but will now have specific information on occupation for this phase of the deflation.

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