Infected Applications Spread Adware Wave

Infected Applications Spread Adware Wave

According to software company Avast, a wave of Adware has infected millions of Android devices around the world. Malicious software spread through the system through initially harmless applications in the Play Store.

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Harmless applications had a code that directed users to the harmful content. Among the applications involved are Durak Card Game, a simple card game installed between 5 and 9 million devices. On the list are Wedding Planning and Russian History, both of Russian origin. Apps worked up to 30 days normally until the first problems started appearing to the user, such as an error message directing them to external sources and performing automatic downloads.

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Notification displayed on infected applications. / AVAST

Initially all applications reported in this issue were removed from Google Play, including Durak. Although this does not assure us that there is still no malicious software in the Big G store. So choose to download from well known secure developers and sources.

So, do you use any antivirus on your device or have you been fooled by these applications?

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