Indiegogo project turns MacBook charger into USB hub

Indiegogo project turns MacBook charger into USB hub

Since "always," we are used to recharging our MacBooks by the original out adapter with a white box that plugs into a power outlet and leads a cable to the computer. But what if this little box did a little more than that?

This is the proposal of the Powerup, recently released at Indiegogo by Homey. It has two major advantages over Apple's original adapter: 1) a built-in USB-C cable, and 2) it works as a hub, offering three USB-A ports.

The accessory measures 8.2 × 8.2 × 2.9cm and weighs 210g, that even offering differentials has about the same dimensions as the original. It is proposed that it be sold not only in a traditional white version, but also in a black one.

The project is still in the air for another month at Indiegogo, but it has already hit its initial target of $ 25,000 a lot. He is currently approaching 1,700 supporters, with more than $ 171,000 raised. That is, it must really get out of paper.

If you are interested, you can get one for $ 79, or take a two-for-$ 129 deal (leave one at home and the other at the office).

(via CocaTech)