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India's drone market is expected to represent $ 3.2 billion by 2021

The market of drones gives India It is expected to grow considerably in the coming years and reach a total value of US $ 885.7 million.

The information comes from a study of Federation of India Chamber of Commerce and Industry (acronym in English FICCI) and the consulting firm Ernst & Young (EY).

"A report from FICCI and EY noted that the Indian unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) market will reach $ 885.7 million by 2021, when the global market size will be $ 21.47 billion."– Vipul Singh in reporting for the Financial express

With this, the expectation of those responsible for the study that a large amount of jobs will be created. This is because the drones will be manufactured, serviced by consumers, repaired and operated by professional pilots.

"This will create jobs. Drone-related careers can be opened for pilots, UAV operators, engineers and data processing and analysis specialists. Potential positions go from full time to contract-based work, and to internships across many industries. "– Vipul Singh in reporting for the Financial express

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