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In World of Warships you can master sea battles and dominate the seven seas

This is not a game for anyone who simply wants to spend a few minutes distracted by casual games, it requires greater involvement, learning and career development, but anyone who wants to apply can get far in World of Warships. There are several types of ships, battles and even an academy to learn more about tactics to be applied in battle.

Free entry, and you can download the game and install it on your computer – Windows or Mac – but then to evolve you will need some credits and XP, and the pressure to start paying to evolve begins to make itself felt. But you can always go ahead without making an investment, only more slowly.

World of Warships also has a social component and it is possible to create a division and invite friends to play. In this mode it creates a team and they can organize battles against enemy forces.

For those who arrive fresh to the game, there is a quick course to learn all the mechanics and techniques of battle and start navigating. You can join the World of Warships website.