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In the quarter of the iPhone X launch, Apple achieved more than half of the total smartphone industry revenue

In a new survey by Strategy Analytics, a Apple it seems to have stolen the scene again. I speak of the slice of 51% of all smartphone market revenue that Ma earned in the last quarter of last year.

Considering the revenue generated by smartphones in the fourth quarter of 2017, the iPhone managed to generate a total of $ 61.4 billion, according to the firm. Based on this number, it was concluded that the revenue was more than three times greater than that of its archrival, the Samsung, and seven times that of the Chinese Huawei.

Strategy Analytics Smartphone

THE Sammy, second place, generated revenue of US $ 18.9 billion in the same period, conquering 15.7% of the smartphone market. The Chinese came in third with $ 8.4 billion in revenue and a 7% revenue share.

The salty (but surprisingly popular) price of the iPhone X certainly boosted the numbers that last quarter of last year. The average selling price of the iPhone was $ 796 in the period, a big jump from $ 695 in the same quarter last year. Thus, Strategy Analytics estimates that the number is almost three times higher than the industry average.

In fact, impressive numbers. Since Apple doesn't exactly reveal sales by model in its financial results, there are no certainties; but does anyone doubt that the ~ $ 1,000 device was largely responsible for this huge leap?

via MacRumors